November 6, 2020


Mama & Baby | Fremont, California

“There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.” — Chinese Proverb

Mommy and baby session in Fremont, Califiornia

Jessica and her baby was supposed to go to Hawaii and was going to have a Mommy and Baby session there, but because of COVID, they couldn’t go and I was ecstatic when she reached out to me to photograph her and her baby. We have to look for a place not too far from home as driving with a toddler alone is never easy, so we decided to meet up at Coyote Hills Regional Park and when we arrived, the light was perfect like it was meant to be. We met for the first time at the location and I was so excited to meet this gorgeous mother and daughter duo and I knew right away that the images will come out beautifully. I shot a mix of film and digital because you know, toddlers move like lightning and Aveya Grace is no different. This little ball of energy has the sweetest disposition ever.

Baby Outfit from Amazon || KODAK film || Processed by Canadian Film Lab

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