August 6, 2019



“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao-Tzu 

double exposure on film
couple portraits under a tree and hugging
individual portraits
guy hugging girl
side view shot of the girl
close up portrait of girl
couple sitting on blanket
couple looking at each other
guy kissing girl on cheek
couple hugging under tree
sitting photo of couple
guy kissing girl cheek while sitting
sitting photos of couple
girl's hand on guy's chest
girl hugging guy from behind
couple almost kiss
guy kissing girl's neck
guy kissing girl's forehead
far away photo of couple
girl looking at guy
girl holding guy's hand
girl holding guy's shoulder
walking photos of couple
guy kissing neck
couple wrapped in blanket
girl and guy kissing
full body portraits of couple
guy lifting girl
guy kissing girl's hands
forehead to forehead photo
guy wrapped arms around girl
couple walking away shot
hand on chest image
guy fixing girl's hair
guy kissing temple
girl kissing guy from behind

This is Andrea and Matthew, and they are the cutest couple. Matthew is the brother of a previous bride and is a police officer and Andrea is an entrepreneur. They wanted to have a couple’s session and I obliged. We met in one of the hills of Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore, California and started shooting away. They are so great to photograph because they are such naturals in front of the camera, and Matthew is game with any poses I asked him to do, so it made my life easier. The camera just loves them 🙂

All Images Shot on 120mm Film || Processed by Canadian Film Lab

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